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We offer Gymnastics classes for all levels and ages!

Does your child have energy to burn? Bring them into your local YMCA Gymnastics arena where they’ll have fun, make friends and learn new skills! Classes cater to all ages from Kindergym to Teen and Adult classes. Our friendly instructors and safe environment provide the ideal place to develop coordination, problem-solving skills and confidence. Get started today by visiting your local YMCA!

Find your local centre OR enquire about a trial gymnastics lesson below.

  • YMCA Artistic Gymnastics

    Joining an artistic gymnastics program with a leader in the field like the Y is a great way for people of all ages and abilities to discover this challenging sport. It develops strength, coordination, flexibility, motor skills and confidence, and the friendly setting is a great place to meet new people.
  • YMCA Elite Gymnastics

    The Elite Gymnastics program at YMCA Epping sees athletes gain access to world-class facilities, instructors and programming. The program has produced numerous international gymnasts in the past 30 years, including an Olympian, and participants have the opportunity to compete at many state, national and international competitions. It promotes both physical and personal development, and allows young people to connect with those who share the same passion.
  • YMCA Kindergym

    Circuses, superheroes, Olympics and other exciting themes mean there’s always fun to be found at the Y’s Kindergym, for children aged 18 months to five years. As a parent, you will appreciate the beneficial impact on your kids – such as improved coordination, problem-solving and confidence. You’ll also enjoy the opportunity to participate by offering support, boosting their confidence and seeing them learn and develop in front of your eyes.
  • YMCA Rhythmic Gymnastics

    The Y’s Rhythmic Gymnastics program combines elegance of ballet, the aerobics of dance and the coordination of artistic gymnastics. Using balls, hoops and ribbons, this Olympic sport builds gross motor skills, balance and coordination, and you’ll enjoy the fun, friendly environment, too.

  • YMCA Colours Gymnastics

    The Colours classes are focused on teaching the fundamental body movements and equipment skills of Gymnastics in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.
    Here the children are taught to a programmed assessment system which still revolves around fun. We follow a progressive colour system which is Orange, Blue and Red for the boys; Pink, Blue and Red for the girls. At the completion of a colour each gymnast receives a certificate and progresses to the next colour.

  • YMCA Stages Classes

    The Stages classes are focused on further developing the fundamental body movements and use of equipment skills of Artistic Gymnastics in a friendly, supportive and challenging atmosphere.
    This class is for children who have completed the colour assessment or have been assessed before attending classes. Gymnasts are now tested to a 1-5 stages system, and whilst the emphasis is still on enjoyment this prepares the gymnast for more difficult skills and the option to enter into Levels Gymnastics.

  • Gymnastics Levels (WAG, MAG)

  • GymFit

    GYMFIT is a non-assessment class for both boys and girls. GYMFIT is about fun, gymnastics, fitness, personal challenges and time to spend with other peers.
    It is a class where not only Gymnastics skills are included, but also fitness style exercise, whether it will be working out in the Fitness Centre, using the Pit trampoline or running laps around the oval. A class, where you can still learn and practice handstands and cartwheels, skills on bars, beam and vault.

  • YMCA Adult Gymnastics

    Whether you’re a beginner wanting an introduction to gymnastics or an ex-gymnastic keen to rediscover some form, you’ll fit right in. Adult Gymnastics at the Y is a fun and friendly program for women and men aged 16 and above, incorporating all apparatus plus stretching and conditioning.
  • YMCA Sports Acrobatics

    You get the best of both worlds with the Y’s unique Sports Acrobatics program; the physical benefits of a gym class combined with the shared enjoyment of being part of a team. Stretch, jump and tumble in pairs, trios or fours. It’s a blast, whatever your age, ability or gender.
  • Power Tumbling

    Power tumbling is performed on elevated spring runway that help tumblers propel themselves high as they demonstrate speed, strength and skill while executing a series of acrobatic manoeuvres. Top-level contenders will perform explosive somersaults with multiple flips and twists.

  • YMCA Teen & Adult Gymnastics

    Everyone aged 16 and above is welcome at this broad-based gym program, which incorporates all apparatus plus stretching and conditioning time for strength and flexibility. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an ex-gymnast, you’ll find plenty to enjoy, including the friendly atmosphere.
  • YMCA Trampolining

    No room for a trampoline at home? No problem! Just sign your kids up for trampolining at the Y. It provides the perfect introduction to the skills of this Olympic sport for children with and without experience. It’s not only fun, but great for their fitness, interpersonal skills and social lives.
  • Parkour

    Parkour is being able to manoeuvre your body through and over obstacles. Our Parkour class offers a range of skills specialising in tumbling, climbing, vaulting, swinging and strength. This class caters for all skills levels including Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. This class is for 12years +.