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Why volunteer?

Volunteering is a unique opportunity to contribute to your community in a way that is meaningful to both yourself and to the wider community. Our volunteers get involved for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • To give back to the community
  • As a stepping stone into the workforce
  • For the satisfaction of helping
  • Getting involved in a community of like-minded people
  • Personal and professional development
  • Sharing skills and talents.

Whatever your reason for volunteering, we aspire to have all of our volunteers benefit from their experience as much as our communities benefit from their service.


Why volunteer at the YMCA?

In gratitude for the service you provide, we offer our volunteers a variety of benefits, which may include:

  • Thorough induction and training
  • Supervision and scheduled reviews, as well as appraisals upon request
  • Inclusion in YMCA staff events and activities
  • In some circumstances, free access to recreation facilities managed by the YMCA for the duration of volunteering
  • Access to the Employee Assistance Program
  • Access to our YMCA online community
  • Ongoing training and development