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YMCA Claremont Meadows OSHC is a new centre on the grounds of Claremont Meadows Public School. We are located in a new, large building, with access to a netball court and large grass area.

We provide Before and After School Care and Vacation Care services to children aged 5-12 years.

We encourage children to develop at their own pace, make friends and feel safe, to offer a place where children are treated as individuals, needs are met and children’s ideas are encouraged.

Children develop a strong sense of identity and wellbeing, are connected and contribute to their world, are confident and involved learners and develop effective communication skills. We support and encourage children to learn through play, offering opportunities that are meaningful to children and support their learning and development.

At YMCA Claremont Meadows we are a child interest based centre. We run a lot of exciting group games each morning and afternoon. The children get to put forward games to play vote on the games for that afternoon.   

We also participate in the Active After School Communities program and have coaches come in twice during the week to teach us new skills in different sports.

The children are also able to utilise the outside areas to play tennis game, soccer, building blocks, basketball and volleyball.

Inside we have fantastic opportunities for construction play, art and craft, which includes jewellery making, painting, drawing, loom bands.

The children are currently developing a garden that will provide the centre with vegetables, fruits and flowers.

Homework is also encouraged.

We inspire all children to engage in healthy lifestyles. We offer breakfast and afternoon tea in accordance with healthy eating guidelines. We also encourage children to participate in outdoor active play.

Our Educators pride themselves on the high level of supervision that is provided at our centre. Educators are governed by policies that are available to parents at any time. Child protection is our highest priority.